GS E501 / GS C591

System to receive digital satellite TV

It has useful information about the device?

GS E501 gives the viewer the full high-quality access to various TVcontent on two different TV sets at the same moment.

The set features two devices – the main set-top box C591E501 (client) and the additional E501 (server).

The E501 set-top box provides the high-speed broadcasting of the Tricolor TV content on the IP devices,including smartphones, tablets and adapted SMART-TV gadgets. The unit has a very convenient graphical interface, adaptable to the user. The receiver takes the high quality signals in HD (up to 1080) and standard definition MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 and MPEG-2. The receiver can play media content from the external media. It offers the full range of necessary services for digital TV (subtitles, teletext, EPG, etc.). The set-top box can integrate with tablets and smartphones via Companion.

The additional receiver GS C591 (client) allows viewing channels by connecting to the E501 server via Ethernet without any cable (wireless).

The receiver comes with built-in applications: Tricolor TV Home Theatre, TV Guide, Reminders, Games, etc. Besides that, the device allows installing additional applications to enhance the functionality of the set-top box.

The standard set features: SCART, USB, HDMI and Ethernet connectors for connection to the main set-top box,digital audio output S / PDIF, and connection to the external IR receiver.

  • Connectors: SCART, USB and HDMI connectors, Ethernet connector to primary receiver, S/PDIF digital audio output, connector for remote-mount IR receiver connection
  • Reception of high definition TV channels (up to 1080p) and standard definition TV channels within MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 and MPEG-2 formats
  • Intuitive and adaptable graphical user interface
  • Media content playback from external media
  • Built-in applications portfolio: Tricolor TV Movie Halls, Teleguide, Reminders, Games, etc.
  • Full range of essential digital TV services (subtitles, teletext, EPG, etc.)
  • Integration with smartphones and tablets via companion application
  • Possibility to install additional applications adding functionality to the receiver
  • Linux operating system
  • Fast channel switching, high operation speed


  • GS E212

    Digital multiple-unit HD receiver featuring built-in CryptSet/ADEC conditional access system