The external IR set-top box

It has useful information about the device?

The IR set-top box (infrared receiver) is a device that helps a remote-control board to operate the TV receiver through barriers (such as walls and furniture), while the device itself is out of line of sight.

The signal is transmitted from the remote control to the IR set-top box located within sight and then by the IR set-top box wire – to the receiver that is located out of sight.

The IR set-top box represents a device, which comprises of a sensor unit, wire and a 3.5mm jack connector (specifically headphone jack) that is designed to connect to the receiver. Both the IR set-top box and the receiver are directly connected.


  • GS B210

    Digital Full HD satellite receiver

  • GS B211

    Satellite receiver B211 DVB-S/DVB-S2 featuring built-in CryptSet\ADEC

With this device buy

  • GS E212

    Digital multiple-unit HD receiver featuring built-in CryptSet/ADEC conditional access system

  • GS E501 / GS C591

    System to receive digital satellite TV