GS Nanotech SiP Amber S2 is the first microcircuit fully developed at GS Nanotech under SiP technology (System-in-Package).

This release is attributed to the essential results gained by GS Nanotech R&D Department work and transformational company development. So far GS Nanotech is the only enterprise in Russia that mass-produces in-house commercial microprocessors under SiP technology.

Microcircuits designed under SiP technology are a combination of several active electronic components with different functions in one module, which ensures the implementation of various functions usually performed by the system or subsystem.

SiPAmber S2 represents four crystals integrated into a single module

Central processor ST H206
Cryptoprocessor GS Lanthanum
NOR Flash
Package PBGA
Number of pins – 761
Package size – 31*31 mm

Multi-chip modules advantages:

  1. Compact size.
  2. Simplified process of circuit plate development.
  3. Low cost.
  4. High security.

Popular models of receivers

  • Digital Full HD satellite receiver

  • Satellite receiver B211 DVB-S/DVB-S2 featuring built-in CryptSet\ADEC

  • Digital multiple-unit HD receiver featuring built-in CryptSet/ADEC conditional access system

  • System to receive digital satellite TV

  • HD receiver featuring built-in CryptSet\ADEC conditional access system