28 May 2014

“Two-in-one” – a breakthrough solution by GS Group for families with two TVs

“Two-in-one” – a breakthrough solution by GS Group for families with two TVs

GS Group, an investment and industry holding, has launched a new product under the General Satellite brand commissioned by leading Russian satellite operator «Tricolor TV». A set of two digital HD set-top boxes gives viewers access to different content on two TVs at one time, using only one smart card. The kit consists of two digital set-top boxes, the primary and the secondary one. GS Group is the first company in Russia offering a solution for viewers who actively use two TVs. The product will come as an exclusive offer for subscribers and a cost-effective solution for TV operators and selling dealers.

Being a leading producer in telecommunications and key technology partner of a major satellite operator «Tricolor TV», GS Group develops products highly demanded by the market. Today, pay-TV subscribers in Russia’s largest cities, living in apartments as well as in single family homes normally own several TVs. According to statistics, about 85 per cent of households have two TVs. However, one pay-TV subscription suggests viewing content only on one screen. Quickly responding

to the current market needs, GS Group has in a big way changed the quality of TV viewing with the release of a two set-top boxes set. It allows simultaneous access to digital content on two independent screens using a single subscription for pay-TV services.

The set is made up of the primary and secondary set-top box. The main device GS E501 provides TV relaying in DVB-S and DVB-S2 formats in the full range of 950 — 2150 MHz and has two DVB-S2 tuners. The additional STB GS C591 transfers the signal by Ethernet, thus the user does not need to run a cable.

«The good news for customers is that they don’t need to buy two separate set-top boxes to watch different channels of its satellite operator on two TVs. One set will be enough», said Andrey Bezrukov, Director, Strategic Marketing, GS Group. «The user can save money as the price of the set is only slightly higher than the cost of any single General Satellite set-top box of those we currently produce, and significantly cheaper than two separate consoles». Inna Shuklina, Marketing Director for NLE company, digital television products dealer, added that the solution is also attractive for selling dealers as demand for such a product is currently high.

Marketing experts of «Tricolor TV», the key partner of GS Group, world’s third largest satellite operator in terms of subscribers number, also noted the high demand for the new solution by GS Group.

«Our subscribers will by all means find it very convenient to watch different channels on two TVs having just one user account», commented Alexander Starobinets, Marketing Director of «Tricolor TV». We as an operator will benefit from simplifying customer service. Now our subscribers with two receivers from one set will be able to manage their payments from a single account. The two devices are connected via a local network", he noted.

The whole hardware and software of set-top boxes in the set have been developed and produced by GS Group in Russia basing on the holding’s very own technology and manufacturing facilities. A microprocessor designed by GS Nanotech, the enterprise being part of the holding, makes a core of GS E501 and GS C591 models. Their Stingray software was developed by GS Group specifically for the digital set-top boxes of its own production. It has been significantly reworked and enhanced, now the software supports automatic device detection, data synchronization, IP media server, the encryption system and permissions management. New ergonomic design of the set-top box case has been developed by a British creative studio.

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