1 Feb 2013

Satellite set-top box HD 9303 by General Satellite Corporation wins “Best receiving equipment” award at CSTB’2013

Satellite set-top box HD 9303 by General Satellite Corporation wins “Best receiving equipment” award at CSTB’2013

Satellite set-top box HD 9303 was designed and produced by General Satellite Corporation for Russia’s largest satellite operator Tricolor TV services.

General Satellite Corporation presented state-of-the-art set-top boxes with a lot of entirely new features at the 15th International exhibition and forum CSTB’2013 that took place at Crocus Expo, Moscow, since January, 29, to 31. These functions include support of HD (high definition) format, for instance, in set-top boxes GS 8307, HD 9305, GS 6301 and some others.

All of them also support CAS (Conditional Access System) DRE/ADEC as well as Tricolor TV additional services. Besides, GS 6301 set-top box has PVR (personal video recorder) and the newest access system DRE 4.0\ADEC. General Satellite also demonstrated DVB-T2 digital terrestrial receiver with built-in “Roscript-PRO” access system, as well capable of receiving emergency alerts. This set-top box supports a number of media player functions, as it can playback the content received via USB-port.

All in all the Corporation presented around dozen up-to-date models of satellite, cable and terrestrial set-top boxes of proprietary design and production as well as new middleware for them. This middleware compatible with all the General Satellite set-top boxes, can provide brand new level of services for all the parties: operators, advertisers and viewers. The presentation of the Corporation’s middleware demonstrated the advantages: for operators they lie in flexibility and easy control over technological infrastructure; easy access to a specific audience is beneficial for advertisers; subscribers can enjoy convenient and crystal clear ways of customizing the interface according to their preferences.

A number of intellectual functions, predicting the viewers’ desires, along with integrated solutions make it possible to significantly reduce operators’ expenses, improve services efficiency and users’ loyalty and, as a result, dramatically increase ARPU (Average revenue per user).

Also at the IP&TV forum that was held within CSTB leaders of various General Satellite activity directions delivered their reports. Specifically, Polina Belova, head of project management section of Foreign broadcasting projects, came up with the report “Launch of digital terrestrial TV project abroad on the example of the Kingdom of Cambodia”. In September last year a new terrestrial platform under the brand “One TV” was started. The project was launched by General Satellite Corporation partnership with the Royal Group of Companies – the country’s largest private telecommunication company. It is planned to connect at least 400 thousand subscribers by 2015.

Popular models of receivers

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  • Digital multiple-unit HD receiver featuring built-in CryptSet/ADEC conditional access system

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  • HD receiver featuring built-in CryptSet\ADEC conditional access system