6 May 2014

GS Group transfers satellite TV watching in HD format

GS Group transfers satellite TV watching in HD format

GS Group has introduced new television receiving equipment under the General Satellite brand. Digital set-top box GS B210 that supports HDTV was designed to replace older models. It was specifically created for a trade-in program, which GS Group holding conducts together with its key partner, a leading satellite operator “Tricolor TV”. GS B210 is the third model in the product family of General Satellite set-top boxes, released this year.

GS B210 supports high-definition television (HDTV). Among the advantages one may note its compact size. The device does not require much space and will fit into any interior. It can be installed in any convenient location due to the option of connecting a remote infrared sensor, which has to be placed within the reach of the remote control, while the set-top box may be put anywhere else.

All key features of modern receiving equipment under the General Satellite brand produced by GS Group holding are combined in GS B210. By participating in the trade-in program a satellite operator subscriber receives a device that has all the basic functions of up-to-date digital television set-top boxes. The model B210 has got enhanced cryptosecurity and a more powerful processor compared to those that have been installed in some of the previous models, to make decoding, processing and converting the signal noticeably faster, which means faster channel switching.

Large memory card enables activation of all the services offered by the operator. GS B210 provides channels sorting function. Support of data playback from external storage via USB-port allows the owner to view video files and images. In addition, the device is equipped with an intuitive and easy -to-use graphical interface, customizable display settings , games “Minesweeper”, “Reversi”, “Jeweler”. B210 can be connected to old standard TV sets since RCA cable and Scart adapter are supplied with the set-top box.

During the program, subscribers of satellite TV in the European part of Russia , who use General Satellite products, can replace at a reduced price their old set-top box , which does not support high definition TV (HDTV) by a new GS B210, having this feature. As a result of this exchange a “Tricolor TV” subscriber will receive 160 channels instead of 50, including HDTV, as well as access to all the advanced operator services. Existing subscription will be fully transferred to the new equipment. Trade-in program has been successfully running since February 2014. Over the past time subscribers have exchanged more than 60,000 digital set-top boxes. As a result of the program more than 6 million Russians will be able to watch satellite TV channels offered by their operator in HD.

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