22 Jan 2015

GS Group brings together innovative development under the GS Labs brand

GS Group brings together innovative development under the GS Labs brand

In January 2015, the GS Group investment and industry holding company has announced the association of geographically dispersed units involved in the development and implementation of digital TV software products under the GS Labs brand. It will enable GS Labs to turn into the first Russian developer and supplier of integrated solutions for digital TV operators.

The GS Labs integrated center for research and development has been established to improve the efficiency of the GS Group holding company geographically distributed teams of developers. The synergistic effect of such association will be produced due to unified business processes, a single quality management system and technical policy in the field of software solutions production. Currently, the GS Labs structure comprises three development centers each having unique area of expertise. The total number of employees constitutes over 200 persons. The association of subdivisions, involved in one of the key strategic expertise implemented by GS Group in the area of specialized industry-specific software development, contributes to the establishment of an efficient cooperation system in the field of R&D.

The GS Labs key business activities comprise software products development and integration, including the development of unique domestic products, such as: conditional access systems; Stingray TV software platform for digital set-top boxes; mobile applications and services, as well as hybrid solutions in related areas. The holding company has been conducting activities in this field since 2002.

The unique nature of products offered by GS Labs consists in a wide variety of universal solutions enabling to launch a digital TV operator project within a short time with a wide range of subscriber services of any complexity. The developed products are distinguished by flexible configuration and adaptation to the available infrastructure and customer’s needs, which allows to meet all the requirements. Such prompt adaptation of solutions to the requests of any specific operator constitutes one of the key advantages of the GS Group integrated center for research and development. The GS Labs portfolio includes integrated solutions for the new operator projects – management servers, recommendations, authentication systems, etc. – and additional services extending the available functionality, which helps avoiding significant modifications and substantial financial costs required while switching to these products.

“Today, the telecommunication industry is characterized by the processes of integration and hybridization of various subscriber TV solutions; and since we hold a full set of TV viewing technologies, we are also focused on expansion, discovering the new related areas, – says Maxim Samsonov, Head of GS Labs. – So far, the holding company provides its customers with the option of video content broadcasting from mobile devices, the advanced TV viewing services, such as: broadcast recording, rewinding, intelligent electronic program guide, etc. At the same time, we are seeking to expand the scope of our activities by developing new applications for Smart TV and other platforms”.

The GS Labs key customers include Russian and foreign telecommunication companies. The GS Labs software products are widely used by Tricolor TV, the Russia’s largest satellite TV operator. The offered technologies are highly sought and adapted for use in various markets across the globe.

The GS Labs will be introduced at the 17th exhibition and forum CSTB’2015, held on January 27-29 in Moscow, booth 551, hall 4.

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